Option: Extended Collection or Dewax

Standard Options on Trifecta and Minifecta

Each Minifecta or Trifecta system has your choice of Dewaxing Column or Extended Collection Vessels. In addition some of our connoisseur packages include both; giving the operator the option the ability to swap as necessary.

Dewax Column

Dewaxing Columns are used in conjunction with a circulating chiller (sold separately) to super cool the extraction/solution mixture. This helps the fats and lipids to solidify and coagulate falling from suspension. These fats and waxes are then filtered via filtration paper located at the base of this column.

These are used to dewax the product during the extraction process. This produces a more pure product initially. Dewaxing is recommended for high end finished product from the extraction system that is not subject to post processing (distillation).

Extended Collection Vessel

The Extended Collection Vessels allow for more solvent to be run during the extraction process. In addition significantly more heated (jacketed) surface are allows for a significant reduction in recovery times. Extended Collection is ideal for extractions subject to post processing (distillation), operations with higher volume processing, or systems with sufficient injection cooling [see our Cryo Turnkey Packages]


Pros     Cons   
• Removes fats/lipids during extraction.
• Cleaner/more pure product extraction.
• Required for use with Diamond Miner.
• Can be used with flow/trickle through process on larger runs.
• Can slow recovery process/ slower cycle times.
• Will not remove 100% of waxes for distillation process.
• Staged/Stationary dewaxing will require smaller runs due to volume.

Pros     Cons   
• Significantly reduces recovery times.
• Allows for more solvent capacity per run

• Dewaxing not as crucial with colder solvent injection using Cryo Turnkey Packages

• Reduced quality extract without sufficiently cold solvent injection.
• Not available with Diamond Mining Process

Option: Flat or Hemispherical Collection Pots

Standard Options on Trifecta and Minifecta

A standard option for the Trifecta and Minifecta systems is the style of collection pot. Both units feature a jacket for circulating heater, however the fully hemispherical collection base is fully jacketed on the bottom side for more heated surface area.

Flat Base

The flat base version features a removable bottom which makes cleaning much easier. With flat bottom and flat walls this unit can easily be cleaned out with a flat tool such as a putty knife. This makes for less agitation of the extract.

Additionally without the heated base, these units can be run at slightly elevated temperatures without damaging the product. As recovery nears completion the process slows down giving the operator more time to react to a finished process. These are recommended for use with operators who prefer to leave liquid solvent in the extract for the pour-off.

Hemispherical Base

The hemispherical base is fully jacketed. This additional heated surface area helps distribute more heat resulting in significantly faster recovery times, especially towards the end of the process. These are recommended for operators looking to remove all of the liquid solvent before a pour-off.

Pros Cons
• Easier to clean.
• Less agitation of extract.
• Process automatically slows at end of run.
• Leaves liquid solvent - ideal for pour.
• Longer recovery times.
• Not suited for jurisdictions which require full recovery before pour.
Pros Cons
Significantly faster recovery times.
• More complete evaporation of solvents.
• More difficult to clean.
• More agitation of product.
• Less time between ideal pour and dried extract.

Color Remediation Filtration

Integrated and Standard on Every Anion System

Anion has teamed up with Absolute Filtration Systems (AFS) to provide a simple elegant easy CRC solution. All Anion Minifecta and Trifecta systems now include internal adaptation for use with 2.5" tri-clamp remediation systems.

This integration allows for use with both disposable color remediation cartridges, or or reusable solutions if you prefer to pack your own filters.

AFS offers the industries first and only disposable color remediation system. Using disposable pods similar to "k-cup" pods in the coffee beverage industry. These units come pre-packed for a convenient, one time use, zero cleaning solution. Once done simply dispose of the cartridge and load another.

Adaptations for these units are inside the Dewax Columns or inside the Collection Vessel on the Extended Collection Vessel systems.


Color Remediation Filtration Standard
Integration Internal 2.5" Tri Clamp
PSI Approved YES
Disposable Available YES
Reuseable Available YES

Standard: Integrated Diamond Miner (Crystallization)

Certified for use with Denver Fire

Anion is happy to announce the first and only certified and integrated diamond miner available. These units come standard and are integrated into the Dewax style systems on both the Minifecta and Trifecta systems.

Integrated diamond miners give the operator the ability to safely remove the extraction solution mid recovery. These units are then stored while the crystallization process is implemented.

Operators are able to completely control the temperatures/pressures of the crystallization process with circulating chillers/heaters through the jacketed section of the Diamond Miner. During this process the recovery port is transformed into a gauge for monitoring pressures.


The recovery phase is paused mid way through the cycle and the Collection Vessel is sealed. Since the ANION units have multiple recovery ports the remaining solvent gas above the Collection Vessel can be recovered. The entire Collection Vessel is then removed. Pressures and temperatures are controlled during the crystallization process with circulating heater/chiller. Once the crystallization process is complete the unit is reconnected to the Trifecta or Minifecta and the recovery process is completed.

This Diamond Miner allows for recovery of all the solvents in the safely back into the system. Nothing is left to bleed off into the environment. And more importantly everything is securely sealed in a pressure certified unit.


PSI Approved for All Applicable Jurisdictions YES
Denver Fire Approved YES
Pressure Gauge YES
Pressure Safety Valve 400psi
Temperature Control Jacketed/Recirculating
Sight Glass 1
Recovery Port 1
Available With Dewax Style Sytsem Standard
Availabel With Extended Collection System NO
Additional Units Available for Purchase YES

Upgrade: Post Chiller

Ultra Low Solvent Injection/ Decreased Recovery Times

The Anion Pre/Post chiller can be used before injection or after recovery. It is generally used in the recovery side to cool recovered solvent vapors prior to entering the pressure vessel. This is combine with a stand alone chiller [existing C30] while a larger chiller [C80] is dedicated to the Pressure Vessel.

This allows for the brunt of the heat to be removed in the coil before it enters the Pressure Vessel. This in turn allows the Pressure Vessel chiller to maintain significantly colder temps; keeping the solvent cryo ready for the next injection process.

Recovered solvent travels through the cooling coil, while chilled coolant circulates through the fill interior body of the unit. This provides a significant coolant:solvent ratio for cooling. In addition the exterior wall is jacketed for vacuum insulation; helping maintain excellent efficiency of the cooling.

This cooler has also been found to significantly reduce the recovery times.


Post Chiller Optional Upgrade
Insulation Vacuum Jacketed
Coolant Capacity 8.6L
Solvent Capacity 1.2L
Dimensions D- 8"/ H-20"