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Anion Extractors

Integrated Diamond Miner

Integrated Diamond Miner

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Anion is happy to announce the first and only certified and integrated diamond miner available. These units come standard and are integrated into the Dewax style systems on both the Minifecta and Trifecta systems.

Integrated diamond miners give the operator the ability to safely remove the extraction solution mid recovery. These units are then stored while the crystallization process is implemented.

Operators are able to completely control the temperatures/pressures of the crystallization process with circulating chillers/heaters through the jacketed section of the Diamond Miner. During this process the recovery port is transformed into a gauge for monitoring pressures.


The recovery phase is paused mid way through the cycle and the Collection Vessel is sealed. Since the ANION units have multiple recovery ports the remaining solvent gas above the Collection Vessel can be recovered. The entire Collection Vessel is then removed. Pressures and temperatures are controlled during the crystallization process with circulating heater/chiller. Once the crystallization process is complete the unit is reconnected to the Trifecta or Minifecta and the recovery process is completed.

This Diamond Miner allows for recovery of all the solvents in the safely back into the system. Nothing is left to bleed off into the environment. And more importantly everything is securely sealed in a pressure certified unit.

PSI Approved for All Applicable Jurisdictions YES
Denver Fire Approved YES
Pressure Gauge YES
Pressure Safety Valve 400psi
Temperature Control Jacketed/Recirculating
Sight Glass 1
Recovery Port 1
Available With Dewax Style Sytsem Standard
Availabel With Extended Collection System NO
Additional Units Available for Purchase YES
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