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Innovative, elegant extraction solutions

Our systems are built with exquisite extracts and ease-of-use in mind.

We only use the highest quality components. All our systems are C1D1 compliant and peer reviewed/certified by Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI).

High-volume processing

Our modular, zero-downtime, closed-loop system is capable of processing 540 pounds of botanical material per day.

Our unique rotating system means there's no wasted time. It's always running.

  • LifeTime Warranty

    We believe in our product, and stand behind it. All our extractors are covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects (consumables and pumps excluded).

  • C1D1 Certified

    Both our MINIFECTA and TRIFECTA systems have been peer-reviewed by PSI, are ASME compliant, and ready for use in a C1D1 certified lab.

  • 540lb / 24hr Capacity

    Our flagship TRIFECTA extractor is capable of processing up to 540lbs in 3x 8hr shifts, or a 24hr cycle.

  • Sight Glass Technology

    Sight glasses are a vital part of the extraction process. Each TRIFECTA extraction platform has 13 individual sight glasses, including our industry first 350psi certified inline sight glasses.

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  • The Minifecta

    Our single column, closed-loop extraction system for growing operations.

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  • The Trifecta

    Our three column extractor for industrial operations.

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The Goliath

Engineered to move large volumes quickly, this pump is ideal for anyone looking to make their essential oil extraction machine operate both quickly and safely. This is a pneumatically driven, 100% safe, C1D1 certified vacuum pump.

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Anion offers end-to-end solutions for extraction. Level up your extractions with Anion parts and accessories.

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