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Anion Extractors

Minifecta Ultra Low Temp

Minifecta Ultra Low Temp

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This is a turn-key package that includes the Minifecta, a Goliath Pump, an H-100 circulating heater, a C30-17 chiller, a 10hp rotary screw air compressor and a complete plumbing kit. Start creating extracts today. 


This Minifecta system includes an ASME stainless steel jacketed pressure vessel for use with a circulating chiller. This allows much colder temperatures during the recovery process allowing for lower pressures and faster recovery.

This system is available with dewaxing or with extended collection vessel for faster recovery. This system is also available with flat plate or fully jacketed hemispherical collection base.

This system includes the H100 Circulating Heater for heating the collection base jacket during the recovery process.

This system includes C30-17 Circulating Chiller for cooling the pressure vessels during the recovery process. The C30 can also be used for chilling the optional dewaxing columns.

This system includes 10HP GS Rotary Screw Air Compressor for powering the Goliath recovery pump.

This system includes our Plumbing Kit which includes plumbing components for all of the circulating heater/chiller lines with quick disconnects.

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