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Anion Extractors

Pre/Post Chiller

Pre/Post Chiller

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The Anion Pre/Post chiller can be used before injection or after recovery. It is generally used in the recovery side to cool recovered solvent vapors prior to entering the pressure vessel. This is combine with a stand alone chiller [existing C30] while a larger chiller [C80] is dedicated to the Pressure Vessel.

This allows for the brunt of the heat to be removed in the coil before it enters the Pressure Vessel. This in turn allows the Pressure Vessel chiller to maintain significantly colder temps; keeping the solvent cryo ready for the next injection process.

Recovered solvent travels through the cooling coil, while chilled coolant circulates through the fill interior body of the unit. This provides a significant coolant:solvent ratio for cooling. In addition the exterior wall is jacketed for vacuum insulation; helping maintain excellent efficiency of the cooling.

This cooler has also been found to significantly reduce the recovery times.

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