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Anion Extractors

10HP DMC Compressor

10HP DMC Compressor

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DMC Compressors are our budget line of compressors. These compressors are all rotary screw compressors and include the 60 gallon tank as well as the dryer/aftercooler.

Despite being the budget option, customers have reported back positive results with these compressors with little/no issues.

All units used with the Goliath Pumps require an aftercooler/dryer. Each Goliath pump requires ~35CFM airflow minimum (~10hp per pump).

Power Rating 10HP (7.5kW)
Price $5,499.99
Power Requirements 208/220V 3-Phase (20A)
208/220V 1-Phase w/VFD Drive (Optional +$500)
VFD Optional (+$500)
Rated Airflow 40cfm@115psi
Equipment Supported Min Req for single Goliath pumps (Minifecta).
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