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Anion Extractors

Extended Collection or Dewax Column

Extended Collection or Dewax Column

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A standard option for the Trifecta and Minifecta systems is the style of collection pot. Both units feature a jacket for circulating heater, however the fully hemispherical collection base is fully jacketed on the bottom side for more heated surface area.


The flat base version features a removable bottom which makes cleaning much easier. With flat bottom and flat walls this unit can easily be cleaned out with a flat tool such as a putty knife. This makes for less agitation of the extract.

Additionally without the heated base, these units can be run at slightly elevated temperatures without damaging the product. As recovery nears completion the process slows down giving the operator more time to react to a finished process. These are recommended for use with operators who prefer to leave liquid solvent in the extract for the pour-off.


The hemispherical base is fully jacketed. This additional heated surface area helps distribute more heat resulting in significantly faster recovery times, especially towards the end of the process. These are recommended for operators looking to remove all of the liquid solvent before a pour-off.

Flat Base

Pros Cons
• Easier to clean.
• Less agitation of extract.
• Process automatically slows at end of run.
• Leaves liquid solvent - ideal for pour.

• Longer recovery times.
• Not suited for jurisdictions which require full recovery before pour.

Hemisphere Base

Pros Cons
 Significantly faster recovery times.
• More complete evaporation of solvents.
• More difficult to clean.
• More agitation of product.
• Less time between ideal pour and dried extract.
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