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Anion Extractors

Stage 4 Trifecta Turn Key System - Ultra Low Temp

Stage 4 Trifecta Turn Key System - Ultra Low Temp

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TRIFECTA™ is the most efficient and versatile systems available on the market for larger scale facilities.  Not only is this three separate extraction systems in one which allows you to process three different processes/strains at one time, each process can be individually catered to whatever product is being processed.  From exceptionally fast recovery times using the extended collection vessels, to filtration using AFS modular CRC filtration cups, to in-system full winterization.  No matter what product you're trying to make, this system can do it and has a specific configuration for that.  And each of the three columns can be configured independently of the others giving true versatility.



With most manufactures focusing on bigger, we focused on BETTER! The TRIFECTA™ extraction platform is built around 3 separate columns that can extract 3 separate strains at the same time! A few extractors can boast 100+lb/day material capacity, but only the TRIFECTA™ can produce 500-540lbs consisting of up to 72 different strains! TRIFECTA™ is able to achieve this by utilizing a round-robin format of processing where 2 columns are continuously extracting while the third is being cleaned/reloaded. This allows for significantly higher capacity utilizing a much smaller footprint by harnessing efficiency.
Most extraction systems have you standing around waiting for the recovery process. But TRIFECTA™ allows for constant, continuous operation generating significantly higher yields without increase in cost.


Prefer to run all the batches at once?  TRIFECTA™ can do that as well!  In only the TRIFECTA™ has the ability to run multiple process on the same machine at the same time!  Each column can be setup to run for speed/efficiency allowing massive throughput, or setup for high quality extracts utilizing the AFS modular CRC filtration systems and integrated remote dewax.  Each batch can be independently CRC filtered, or the processor can run all the batches into the remote dewax for one final large scaled CRC process at the end.  This machine boasts multiple configurations to suit many different extraction styles and needs!


Only the TRIFECTA™ can boast PSI certified temperatures as low as -90F!  That's right, -90F!  This allows for the coldest extractions possible and only the highest quality output.  Anion achieves this by chilling the massive 100lb pressure vessel and storing the solvent at chilled temperatures before the process even starts.  This works tremendously better than trying to chill the material columns during the run after the solvent has already made contact with the raw materials.  Additionally with our dual stage recovery chilling, the colder temperatures on the pressure vessel allow for much lower pressures resulting in a faster/more efficient recovery process.



The demands in the extraction industry are ever changing, so we created the TRIFECTA™ extraction platform with flexibility at the forefront of the design process. With compoundable processing columns, TRIFECTA™ gives you the ability to change the main column size on the fly. Columns are available in 12" (3lb), 18" (5lb) or a compoundable 30" (7.5lb / 15 Liter), all come as standard equipment on the extractor. The modular design allows the user to custom tailor the extractor to each run, with a maximum capacity of 15 Liters per column (45L total).


2x Anion Recovery Chilling/Condensing Coil

Recondenses solvents after recovery pump.

Significantly reduces recovery times.

Significantly reduces solvent temps in pressure vessel.

Anion post chilling/cooling coil Anion post chilling/cooling coil

Perpetual Motion Pumps: Variable Speed Prophet Pump

Dual Stage


10HP 220V 1/3P

Variable Speed!

 Perpetual Motion Pumps Prophet 28CFM Extraction Recovery Pump


2x USA Labs 30/80 Circulating Chiller

-80°C Circulating Chiller

30L Capacity

4.6kW Cooling Capacity

USA Labs UC-30/80 Circulating Chiller  USA Labs UC-30/80 Circulating Chiller



 USA Labs RH-11L  Circulating Heater

4kW Circulating Heater


11L Capacity

USA Labs Circulating Heater


PSI On Site Peer Review

$300.00 discount

PSI services prepaid by Anion

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Shipping Included



  • 3x Exclusive, custom engineered 350psi rated inline sight glasses
  • 3x 350psi rated stainless steel collection vessel sight glasses
  • 6x 350psi rated stainless steel material column sight glasses
  • 1,000psi rated, USA Made stainless steel Avco ball valves
  •  Stainless steel compound Vacuum/Pressure gauges
  • Jacketed collection vessels
  • 13x Precision-calibrated pressure-relieving safety valves
  • Proprietary, purpose-built ASME U/UM-Stamped 100lb 304 stainless, jacketed solvent recovery tank with a built-in cooling coil, sight glass, and a removable cap for easy sanitization/cleaning. Our exclusive caster system makes moving the tank around your facility a breeze!
  • Remote jacketed dewaxing/winterization allows for full dewax/winterization inside the machine without the need for ethanol introduction.  And this can be done without interrupting the processing capabilities on the rest of the system.
  • Shatter bowls available with or without pour spouts (depending on allowability in jurisdiction)
  • Complete disassembly for cleaning is extremely fast, easy and intuitive, thanks to our exclusive quick-connect solvent lines
  • Exclusive custom-engineered 5 micron PumpSaver™ filters built into the expansion vessel, to ensure only clean solvent is returned into the recovery pump, vastly prolonging the life expectancy of your pumps. And no replacement filters are ever needed, as they are completely washable stainless steel elements that will provide a lifetime of service!
  • Extremely sturdy and stable aluminum frame, laser-cut and precision TIG-welded from 2.5" square 6061-T6 aluminum tubing, in 3/16" thickness. Adjustable leveling feet or wheels are included.
  • Compatible with 100% butane, 100% propane, and any blend thereof
  • Peer-Reviewed and Certified for use in C1D1 MIPS labs by Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI) in all 50 states.
total capacity 45L / 21.5lbs
lbs / 24hr material capacity 180-540lbs 
temperature rating +100F to -90F
footprint 48” x 41” (+24" x 24" Pressure Vessel)
machine weight 800lbs
pressure vessel weight 300lbs
air requirements
70 CFM
frame material
Laser Cut 6061-T6 Aluminum
column material
304 Stainless Steel
tri-clamp gaskets
Viton or PTFE Envelope (Low Temp Version)
hose material
PTFE, reinforced and jacketed with stainless mesh
hose quick disconnects
Custom Dry-Break
sight glass qty
operating pressure 10-40psi
certification pressure 350psi
solvent filtration
5μm stainless element
remote dewax de-wax
solvent vessel
ASME 100lb / 111L 304 Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank
pressure safety valves
state certified
PSI Certified all 50 states
asme compliant
class 1 div 1 compliant
extractor warranty
installation + training
compatible solvents 100% Butane, 100% Propane, and any blend thereof



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